1996 - 1st Quarter

1996 - 1st Quarter

a) MUSEUM at a Glance, page 1

Opening of UST Museum to Thomasian community and to the public.

b) WELCOME, page 2

Rev. Fr. Isidro Abaño, UST Museum Director, is introducing UST Museum to the public; its location, purpose and mission.

c) Behind the Scenes, pages 2-3

Coordination, maintenance, effort and responsibility of staff inside the Museum Gallery in order to give visitors a pleasant visit in the museum.

d) May we be of Help, page 3

Designations and responsibility of museum staff for visitor’s inquiries.

e) A New Look, page 4

Complete make-over of the Museum Office of the Director located at 3rd floor of UST Main Building to be accessible to all students and visitors, local and foreign.

f) SANTOS: In Focus, page 5

Ribbon-cutting and formal opening of the Hall of Philippine Religious Images (HPRI).

g) NIGHT with the Rector, page 6

A special thanksgiving dinner of Museum staff together with the Rector.

h) Express Yourself, pages 6-7

Support staff experiences and learnings working in the UST Museum.

i) Feedback, page 7

Compilation of visitor’s comment and visit experiences.

j) Happenings and Acknowledgment, page 8

Summary of the events conducted inside the Museum, introducing souvenir items for sale and acknowledging people who extend their assistance.

1996 - 2nd Quarter

1996 - 2nd Quarter

a) The Angelic Painter, pages 1-2

Beato Angelico Exhibit.

b) The Rich Cultural Heritage, pages 2-3

Glimpse of the ideas comprising the principle of Cultural Heritage in UST Museum.

c) Off to Foreign Shores, page 3

Representing UST Museum to the International Symposium on Semiotics, Architecture/Topogenetics in Barcelona, Spain by Fr. Isidro Abaño.

d) The National Eucharistic Congress, page 3

Fr. Abaño appointed to co-chair committee on cultural activities for NEC.

e) The University Museum, page 4

Preserving the heritage of the University that has been meticulously collected by early pioneering Dominicans.

f) PAHIYAS in Lucban, pages 4-5

Educational trip of Museum staff to Lucban, Quezon to witness the internationally famous Pahiyas festival.

g) Therapeutic Value of the Museum, page 6

Connection of art and human experiences which soothes the inner being for the recognition of the real essence of what is being a Filipino.

h) Two museum staff is saying goodbye, page 6

i) Museum Volunteers of the Philippines, page 7

The visit and tour of Museum Volunteers of the Philippines to UST Museum.

j) S & T Meet, page 7

Science and Technology museums held a regular meeting at Villamor Airbase.

k) Young Painters’ Annual Competition Launched, page 7

The Beato Angelico Gallery and Workshop Building of the UST College of Architecture and Fine Arts (CAFA) hosts launch of Metrobank Foundation's "Young Painters' Annual" Competition.

l) Flowers and Fruits, page 8

A painting exhibit.

m) Painting Racks, page 8

Installation of painting racks for protection and storage.

n) Generous Benefactors, page 8

Expressing gratitude to UST Museum partners.

1996 - 3rd Quarter

1996 - 3rd Quarter

a) MARIA: Sa Debosyon at Sining, pages 1-2

An exhibit of early artists’ depiction of the Blessed Mother and contemporary artists showing different figuration of the Mother of God.

b) Meet our Staff, page 2

Introducing the new member of Museum staff and working students.

c) The UST Museum: “A White Elephant”, page 3

A connotation which proves UST Museum’s unique existence that holds facts.

d) Freshmen Orientation, page 4

Annual tour of freshmen students inside the University.

e) Museology and Museum Collection, page 4

Deeper explanation of UST Museum’s purpose.

f) Working Scholars of the Museum, page 5

Fresh insight from our working scholars about their involvement in the Museum.

g) Analysis of Museum Visitors, page 5-6

Statistics of the museum guests.

h) St. Dominic’s Tomb: An Artistic Interpretation, page 6

Symposium about St. Dominic’s Tomb.

i) Tracing our Roots, page 7

A Saint Dominic de Guzman exhibit featuring his life, reflections and arts.

j) Paper Preservation and Restoration Seminar, page 8

k) Word of Thanks, page 8

Expressing gratitude to the people who extend their help to UST Museum events.

1996 - 4th Quarter

1996 - 4th Quarter

a) Exhibition on the Infancy of Christian Art, page 1

5th Seasonal Exhibit: Gloria in Excelsis Deo

b) Research, page 1

Research Endowment Foundation, Inc. grant UST Museum a trust fund.

c) Rosary Art, page 2

Symposium: “The Devotion to the Holy Rosary in the Philippines”.

d) Documentations, page 2

Solution in preserving collections.

e) Cebu Meet, page 2

Attending the NCCA-COM-ICOM Philippines 6th Annual Museum Congress in Cebu City.

f) Mementos and Honors, page 3

Exhibit about heirloom pieces of the University; the awards and token of appreciation; gifts and plaques given to Rev Fr. Rolando de la Rosa as the Rector of the University.

g) Inside the Museum, page 3

Appreciation of responsibility of a working student.

h) Museum Profession, page 4

Profound meaning and value to Museum worker.

i) The State of the Religious Art in Churches and Museums, pages 5-6

Reflections on the fundamentals of religious art, the concern of the church, and its destination – the Museum.

j) Peak of a Challenge, page 6

New museum staff shares his changing perspective.

k) What’s it like in the Museum, page 6

Scholar testimony on working at the Museum be like.

l) ICOM Philippines General Assembly and NCCA-COM, page 7

6th Annual Museum Congress

m) The Legend of Santa Claus, page 8

Origin of Santa Claus based on religious belief.

n) The Trial, page 8

Challenges encountered by one of the Museum staff and how he overcomes them with flying colors.

o) Greetings and Gratitude, page 8

Expressing gratitude to the people who extend their help to UST Museum events.


1997 - 1st Quarter

1997 - 1st Quarter

a) The National Eucharistic Congress, page 1

“Mga Dambana ng Sakramento” exhibits museum’s collection of liturgical items as part of the

5th National Eucharistic Congress celebration.

b) Winner’s Column, page 1

Three student painters won top honors in the painting competition held as part of the celebration of the 5th National Eucharistic Congress celebration.

c) The State of the Religious Art in Churches and Museums (Part II), page 2

Continuing the reflections on the fundamentals of religious art,

the concern of the church, and its destination – the Museum.

d) Quality Education through the Museum, page 3

Museum education provides educational services which was granted by visitors to entertainment and experience alone.

e) UST Welcomes ICUSTA Delegates, page 4

f) A Library and A Lab, page 4

Construction of the small library and laboratory.

g) From the Staff Box, page 4

Contact details of UST Museum.

h) Of Malls and Museum, pages 5 and 7

Comparison on visiting the Mall or the Museum in your free time.

i) Effective Records Management Seminar, page 5

Attending the two-day seminar discussing about appreciating, creation, storing & coding, maintenance and retrieval of records.

j) Rosario Bitanga, page 6

An article of appreciation to Rosario Bitanga for donating a sculpture in terra cotta representation of the family.

k) A Birth Anniversary to Remember, page 6

Birthday celebration of Rev. Fr. Isidro Abaño, the Director of UST Museum.

l) Bits and Pieces, page 7

Happenings and meetings involving museum staff.

m) Thank you!, page 7

Expressing gratitude to the people who extend their help to UST Museum.

n) Museum Album, page 8

Photos of 5th National Eucharist Congress and museum staff outing.

1997 - 2nd Quarter

1997 - 2nd Quarter

1997 - 3rd Quarter

1997 - 3rd Quarter

a) A Little Help from our Friends, pages 1-2, 8

An article of gratitude to the person who extend their helping hands in the continuous improvement of UST Museum.

b) The Right Documentation for UST Museum (Part I), pages 2-4

Entire process of making the catalogue involves the filling of the museum’s entry form.

c) UST Museum Collection Chart, page 3

d) The Events, page 5

Appreciating museum staff for their job well done.

e) Brief History of Museum Phenomenon (Part II), pages 5-6

A growing of national awareness of local museums came into existence.

f) Picture Perfect, pages 6-7

Learning experience of UST museum staff on seminar entitled “Workshop for Photography and Storyboarding”.

g) We’re Closed!, page 7

Major renovation of UST Museum.

h) Staffbox, page 7

Contact details of UST Museum.

i) Spice of Life, page 7

Events, improvements and meetings involving museum staff.

j) Something New for Something Old, page 8

Additional technology for documentation purposes.

k) Thank you!, page 8

Expressing gratitude to the people who extend their help to UST Museum.

1997 - 4th Quarter

1997 - 4th Quarter

a) Traces of the Lady of the Rosary of “La Naval” in the UST Collections, pages 1-2, 8

Glimpse of priceless artworks in the UST Museum with the subject the Lady of Rosary of “La Naval”.

b) Marian Exhibit, page 3

“Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii” exhibit at Santo Domingo Church.

c) Seminar on Preventive Conservation of Art Objects: The Light Factor, page 3

d) The UST Museum Officials in the ICOM-ASPAC, page 4

The Museum Director and Assistant Director represent the UST Museum at the ICOM-ASPAC.

e) Brief History of Museum Phenomenon (Part III), pages 4-5

Continuous developing and improving of museum’s existence.

f) From Intramuros to Sampaloc, page 6

The reasons behind the value and uniqueness of UST Main Building.

g) Spice of Life, page 6

Events, improvements and meetings involving museum staff.

h) Effective Business Communication Seminar, page 7

i) Love Thy Guests, page 8

Customer service and its magic!

j) Seasons Greetings! page 8

Greetings and expressing gratitude to the people who extend their help to UST Museum.

k) Staffbox, page 8

Contact details of UST Museum.


1998 - 1st Quarter

1998 - 1st Quarter

a) Renovation Update, page 1

Whole make-over of the museum for permanent public viewing.

b) Appearance of Angels in Christian Art (Part I), pages 2-3

The source of the concept of Angels.

c) Just the Three of Us, page 4

UST Museum staff attending a seminar bout restoration of objects in the natural history division of the National Museum.

d) Deterioration and Prevention, page 4

Seminars attended about pest control and preventive conservation of museum artifacts.

e) Birthday Corner, page 4

Birthday greetings to UST Museum staff and administrator.

f) The Theory of Thesauration and the UST Museum Information Management System, pages 5-6

System-oriented process of recording, classifying, updating and data processes inside the UST Museum.

g) Winner’s Column, page 7

List of winners in the Inter-School Painting competition with theme “The 70th Anniversary of the UST Main Building and the 90th year of the Canonical Coronation of Our Lady of La Naval”.

h) The Making of a Nation, page 7

An exhibit about the University’s contribution to the Philippine Revolution and Independence.

i) Noel Escultura, page 8

Appreciation article to Mr. Noel Escultura.

j) Preserve for the Future, page 8

Lecture about “Heritage and Conservation” held February 12, 1998.

k) Thank You, page 8

Expressing gratitude to the people who extend their help to UST Museum.

l) Staffbox, page 8

Contact details of UST Museum.

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