Garcia Llamas Murals Conservation Update

10 August 2022

The UST Museum staff together with the conservation team from MMR Cultural Heritage Restoration Consultancy have begun the consolidation process for Panel 3 of the Antonio Garcia Llamas mural at the UST Main Building lobby.

Five-inch squares of RK0 Japanese tissue are being temporarily adhered to the entire front surface of the painting with fish glue, a reversible adhesive. This procedure, called “facing,” is often used when a painting is observed to have flaking paint or there is a risk of loss, before the painting is moved to the conservation area and the actual restoration process begins. It is the first step in consolidating the painting’s pigment layers.

Once application of the RK0 tissue is complete, it will be followed by a layer of Chiang Mai paper applied with methyl cellulose paste. A third layer consisting of cheesecloth, also applied with methyl cellulose paste, will be the final layer before the painting is moved.